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Stop playing small

Is life slipping through your fingers?


Perhaps you can feel your potential ebbing away.


Deep down you secretly know you are destined for more.


Where you are right now isn’t bad, but lets face it:

You’re coasting.


You worked hard and achieved a certain level of comfort.


You found solace in newly earned freedoms.


Now you've took your foot off the gas pedal.


You've settled.


You took a breather and never returned to the race.


I bet you can’t remember the last time you broke a sweat.


Time is aging you my dear friend.


I can hear the whisper on the winds of your soul


It tells me you’re playing small (and that you secretly know it.)


You’re afraid to step up and remember what you're made of.

You're reluctant to find your edge once again.


Your inner fire has almost burnt out.


Ask yourself,


What does your future look like if you do nothing?


What happens if you continue exactly as you are?


If death surprised you tomorrow, would you level his gaze?


Could you grin at his divine timing, knowing you've left it all in the ring?


Or would you fall to your knees filled with regret?


Tomorrow isn’t promised.


If you’re playing small and you know it...


It’s time to step up.


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