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From Yorkshire to The Andes, this intimate journey documents the raw moments of private revolutions experienced within men’s workshops and retreats.


Behind The Mask captures the single moment in a man’s journey where trust meets surrender and vulnerability meets destiny. The crossroads where decades of shame, anger, and self destruction can find the path of acceptance.


Each image is a testament to the healing power of authentic masculine connection.


These scenes are unscripted sacred moments, preserved with the permission and goodwill of all men involved.


(Many of whom are now my closest friends)


I hope this container of work provides a window into the new paradigm of masculinity, so that other men may find their faith to reach out for support, to show up for themselves and their loved ones, to undertake the messy, painful work necessary for honest change.


The age of the lone wolf is over.

Together we are stronger.

© Fear & Faith 2024

All Moments Copyrighted by Karmic Return.

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